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Tim McGraw explains why he quit partying in a Men’s Health cover story.

“When your wife tells you it’s gone too far, that’s a big wake-up call,” says the country star, who has three daughters with wife Faith Hill.

He adds, “That, and realizing you’re gonna lose everything you have. Not monetarily, not career-wise, but family-wise.”

McGraw tells the outlet, “It got to the point where my kids were getting older, and it was way past the point that they noticed it. And I noticed that they noticed. That’s enough to straighten you out.”

What, exactly, had he been doing?

“I drank too much. I partied too much,” says the singer. “And did other things too much. Chemically. No needles or that kind of stuff, but… use your imagination.”

He admits, “It becomes a habit. Up until seven years ago, there were not a lot of shows that I didn’t have something in my system.”

There are other benefits to cleaning up.

“I was looking at some old concert shots the other day. Man, my gut!” McGraw tells the outlet. “I was up there in a see-through shirt – I thought I was lookin’ good!”

Photo: Men's Health