(NEWSER) – A trove of letters spanning more than a decade is offering new insight into the world of Jackie Kennedy, describing her engagement to the future president and her experience after his assassination. The previously unpublished letters to Fr. Joseph Leonard, a Dublin priest, will be auctioned in Ireland next month, theIrish Times reports. Kennedy became friends with Leonard, then 73, when she visited Ireland in 1950, and they stayed in touch, the Irish Times notes. The letters "are, in effect, her autobiography for the years 1950 to 1964," says a rep for Sheppard's Irish Auction House. Among their most fascinating quotations:


  • Jackie noted that John F. Kennedy's ambitions made him "like Macbeth." Politicians, she wrote, "really are a breed apart." But she feared that John's similarity to her father could be dangerous, she wrote in 1952. He "loves the chase and is bored with the conquest—and once married needs proof he’s still attractive, so flirts with other women and resents you. I saw how that nearly killed Mummy."

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