Man with an unusual name can't get the license plate he wants

A man by the name of Dave Assman, who lives in the the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, applied to have a vanity plate for his car. He wanted to license plate to simply have his last name on it. Yeah... "Assman."

As it turns out, Assman pronounces his last name "Oss-man," but it doesn't matter to the Canadian license plate bureau SGI, who reviews personalized license plate requests. A spokesman for SGI claimed that Assman's "Oss-man" pronunciation would not be apparent to other motorists, therefore motorists would read "ass" man, and well, he just couldn't approve the plate. The spokesman claimed that the committee has a set of rules to abide by, regardless of whether or not a word is someone's name and pronounced differently than the offensive version.

So there you have it!

Who would've guessed that when Seinfeld had the classic episode with the "Assman" plates that this would actually be a thing 20 or so years down the road?!

Casey Carter

Casey Carter

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