Killer Country Songs

About the same time I started my radio career, I was also a weekend warrior in a bar band that played some of the finest establishments in and around western North Carolina. It's actually a stretch to call many of these bars an establishment, they were mostly old gas stations turned into a juke joint. I think it's also funny that you can't spell "establishment" without using the word "stab" but I digress.

I always enjoyed looking down the set list to see Martina McBride's Independence Day coming up. I knew Lori (our lead singer at the time, and now my wife) would knock it out of the park vocally, but there's something gratifying about playing a song when justice is served, or for that matter, a straight up ole' fashioned, revenge fueled take out to polish off that good fer nothing piece of…well, you get it. 

There's something about playing a song when someone has to “go away” and the country genre always seems to do it the best! The running joke prior to starting the song about someone's ultimate demise was to yell out to your fellow band mates "IT'S TIME FOR SOMEONE TO DIE! By law, I think I have to disclose that in all those years no one lost their life or was harmed by our slightly out of tune cover songs of doom.


Of course, I do not condone murder, so please don’t try this at home. There's just something about a country song that ends with someone having their mail delivered to them by a groundhog. In tribute to all the humanity that has been snuffed out over the years , I'm presenting some of my favorite songs of foul play. Feel free to add your favorites too! Enjoy the carnage!



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