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After MidNite with Granger Smith

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Scotty McCreery, Kip Moore, & Granger Smith Share Strangest Food Combos

Cody Alan is known for asking tough questions.

In a series of interviews, Cody has asked country celebrities for the hard-core truth on their strangest food combinations.

Think about your answer carefully. Does it match with Scotty McCreery, Kip Moore, or Granger Smith?

Scotty McCreery: “Well, I am all about the sweet and then the salty. It’s probably not that strange, but if I got to a cookout or something, they have those in Nashville now. I get a shake, but then you get like a large Cajun fry with it, and you just dip that fry in there. 

Kip Moore: “I do black beans, eggs, and a lot of times I throw turkey meat inside of it. Man, It’s weird. 

Granger Smith: “I could sit there and eat peanut butter with bananas, apples, any kind of fruit. I put it in any kind of shake, no matter the combo. I could add peanut butter to everything.” 

Let Cody Alan know your ‘weirdo food combo’ by tweeting him at @CodyAlan. Listen to Cody Alan on the radio seven nights a week by finding your station at

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