Lauryn's List: 5 Unique Holiday Gifts You Can Buy Online

It's shopping season! 

Lauryn Snapp is here with 5 unique gifts that you can purchase online right now that are perfect for your friends, family, or White Elephant exchange. Have a special person in your life who loves dogs, maybe too much? There is something here for them too! 

Light up the lives of your loved ones with a bright white light therapy lamp! They will love this thoughtful, practical gift, especially now because it gets dark at 4 p.m.

Who isn't all about this bass vase? A bottom-shaped vase could be a ~cheeky~ and eye-catching addition to any home and a great conversation piece.

Golden Girls Playing Cards - DUH! This one is a dead ringer when looking for the perfect gift or ideal stocking stuffer.

Take JOE EXOTIC and make it "fashun" with this Tiger King fanny back. There are several designs on Amazon to choose from. Here is Lauryn's favorite.

Need a funny gift for that friend who is obsessed with their dog? How about a calendar of pooping pooches? Each month reveals yet another beautiful pooch squatting to answer nature's call, and your pal will certainly think about you when the flip to the new page. No toilet paper required. That's the kind of 2022 that we all want.

The internet is an interesting place. Have you stumbled onto something during your long scrolls that has made you say "Ohh" or "Ahh"? Share your discoveries with Lauryn by connecting on Twitter or Instagram @LaurynSnapp.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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