Kane Brown's Rattlesnake!

With their first baby on the way, I am sure that this was not the kind of Rattle that Kane Brown and his wife Kaitlin want on their property! Kane posted the video and appeared to not know it was a Rattle Snake until mid video.

Here are some Rattlesnake facts for you:

  • There are 36 species of Rattlesnakes in North & South America
  • Rattlesnakes bite with moving fangs
  • Most Rattlesnake bites are not fatal...if you can get to the powerful antivenins quickly!
  • Careful! Disembodied Rattlesnake heads int he wild still can bite -the biting reflex in many venomous snakes remains active after the animal’s death.
  • Rattlesnakes will rarely chase humans. They are more prone to retreating and only attacking as a last resort.
  • The best way to avoid getting bit is to watch where you step. In the morning make sure to look under door sills and flower pots, alongside bushes and other shady areas.

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