Dan And Shay Accused Of Lip Syncing On The ACM's

We all saw/heard it. Dan and Shay obviously had some synch up issues during their ACM performance. And like always, people started slamming them for lip syncing the performance.

They posted a statement:

"We’re bummed about it, but it happens, especially when performances are happening in multiple locations," the singing duo wrote, before offering props to the award show organizers “for pulling off a great show."

And one of the best tweets came from singer who addressed the issue, pushing back on the claims that they lip-synched the number. "People accusing @DanAndShay of 'lip syncing' over a broadcast issue is hilarious. Audio / Video glitches happen," he wrote. "Shay literally has one of the best voices in the business. Those dudes don’t need to fake it."