Bobby 5th Wheels At Dinner With Russell Dickerson and Amy

One of Bobby Bones goals of 2020 was to take some more time for his personal life and so far things are going great.

Earlier this year, Bones had Russell Dickerson and his wife Kailey on his podcast The BobbyCast. The podcast was going so well that afterwards, they invited Bones over to have dinner at their house. Last night (January 15) Bones went over to their house for dinner along with Amy and her husband. Bones didn't bring a date with him, so he was a fifth wheel during the whole dinner. He did however, bring along an expensive Tequila for The Dickersons. And yes, he was very early, but sat in his car until it was the right time to go in.

Bones gave the dinner 4.5/5 napkins, noting that he would have given it 5/5 if he wasn't so tired from earlier in the week. He also shared that during the dinner he had a conversation purgatory because the girls were talking about really feminine things and the guys were talking about grilling and he didn't really fit into either conversation.

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