Tues Part 1: Eddie's Chicken Business Update + Restaurant Offensive Things

Russ Kunkel-Drummer-Songwriter-Producer-An American Classic

Join your host @The BuzzKnight with musician Russ Kunkel.

Russ Kunkel is an American drummer known for his work with many popular artists including Bill Withers, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Dylan, Joe Walsh, Neil Young, James Taylor, Carole King, Lyle Lovett, Stevie Nicks and tons more. He also is part of the band Immediate Family and is featured prominently in the new documentary about the band.

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The Crisis of Today Becomes the Joke of Tomorrow ft. Amy's Kidney Stone (5th Thing)

Amy & Kat talk about their life hardships that have now become jokes told around the dinner table…in a good way. Adelyn (Amy’s niece) also shares an embarrassing crisis of her own that she hid from her boyfriend, but she finally told him and now they laugh about it. 

In health news, Amy’s worried about her kidney stone because she learned that hot summer weather is horrible for kidney stones. She goes over signs that your kidney stone is about to pass and how to make staying hydrated more fun this summer (which we can all benefit from, whether we have kidney stones or not!)

QUOTE: "The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow."
—H.G. Wells


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#458 - Lit On The Band's Untold Story + 'My Own Worst Enemy' 20th Anniversary

Lit (@litbandofficial) sat down with Bobby Bones to reflect on their career. 2024 marks the 25th anniversary of their record, A Place In The Sun, which featured some of their biggest hits like "My Own Worst Enemy," "Miserable" and more. They share the band's untold story of how they got their start and the origin story of their massive hit "My Own Worst Enemy," and their thoughts on the NHL using it as their theme song this season. The members of Lit share their crazy experience playing at Woodstock '99, share how they got Pamela Anderson in one of their music videos, how they got their band name, and what's next for the band and more!

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25W: A Workout Had Some People Concerned for a Roommate + Bobby & Eddie Invest in Professional Poker Player Nate Forrest + The Latest Auction Gift

The show recaps their weekend that included Bobby, Reid and his roommate Dawson going to a workout for a charity event, which left Dawson unable to move for a day and had Reid worried. Plus, professional poker player Nate Forrest is in the studio to discuss his rally for a shot to win the WSOP Main Event, and Bobby and Eddie invest in him with hopes of winning big. Bobby got someone else a gift from an online auction, this one straight from a stadium! 


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Mon Part 2: Eddie’s Kids Using New Phrase + Awkward Dating Deal Breakers

Eddie's kids are using a new phrase that makes him feel uncomfortable, find out what it is! Plus, we debate if we could date someone who likes to pretend they are a baby and other dating deal breakers and more!

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Mon Part 1: Two Show Members Have Weird Rashes + TV Show & Movie Reviews

Find out which two show members have weird rashes and where they are located. Then, we share our latest TV show and movie reviews and more!

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Classic Replay/Rick Allen from Def Leppard and his wife Lauren Monroe

Join your host @thebuzzknight for this Classic Replay with Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen and his wife Lauren Monroe. Def Leppard is out this summer touring in a city near you with Journey.

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Coming June 26: In The Vet's Office with Dr. Josie Horchak

iHeartMedia and The Nashville Podcast Network presents “In The Vet’s Office” with Dr. Josie Horchak. Each episode, veterinarian Dr. Josie Horchak, sits down to answer questions she’s constantly hearing at the office -- What should I feed my dog? How do I potty train my puppy? Do I really need to brush my pet’s teeth? Dr. Josie helps listeners navigate pet ownership through sharing cases she’s seen in her 18+ year career as a veterinarian, answering listener calls, and giving her weekly “Paw & Order” list of things she would never do with her own pets. Dr. Josie has treated pets from the high rises of downtown Chicago to the pets of country stars in Nashville. Her ability to relate with owners has made her one of the most sought after veterinarians in the country.

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Top 5 Final Lines in Film + Movie Review: Bad Boys: Ride or Die + Trailer Park: Smile 2

Mike explores the cinematic world of closing quotes and gives his Top 5 final lines spoken in iconic movies. He talks about what makes each of them great, how they each leave you feeling at the end and how a great final line can turn a movie into a classic. Plus, a slew of honorable mentions because Mike went deep for this list! In the Movie Review, Mike talks about Bad Boys: Ride or Die which is the 4th film in the franchise. He gives his thoughts on if audiences are ready to forgive Will Smith after the Oscar Slap, if you need to watch all of the other movies to enjoy it and why the pay difference between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is CRAZY. In the Trailer Park, Mike talks about Smile 2. The movie centers around a pop star dealing with the grinning demonic presence from the first movie. 

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