Fans Debating If Bobby Bones Was Really In Boy Band O-Town Back In The Day

MTV's New Years Eve 2002

MTV's New Years Eve 2002

It all started after a question and answer session on Bobby Bones' Instagram page. Bones was asked a question by a new fan who wrote in asking Bones how he got his start to everything.

Bones being the comedian that he is, decided to share a little story. He answered the question of the fan saying that he was actually a member of O-Town back in the day, but decided to not do the reunion with them. But for all of Bones old fans, this was the first time they were hearing of such a story. So this caused some stir on the Internet and people were investigating to find out the truth. Bones name was even showing up on Wikipedia as one of the members that didn't return.

As far as we know, Bones was playing a joke on everyone. But who knows, Bones really could have been in O-Town and failed to disclose that information to the world.

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